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Lerma’s novel takes readers into the depths of the psyche of one man whose destiny causes him to abandon the good life he once knew to provide a better life for others. Jacob has everything he ever wanted and needed. With a sudden twist of fate, everything changes one day when he starts having horrific hallucinations. After being admitted into a mental asylum, he finds himself being recognized and praised by the patients as the second coming of Jesus Christ. While there, an Angel comes to him and tells him he is indeed the son of God. Jacob finds himself torn between the doctor who is trying to help him and the hallucinations that are turning his life upside down. In a curious twist, Jacob appears to have the ability to perform miracles, or so it would seem. 

From the brilliant mind of author Marcos Lerma, comes a new, exhilarating novel where ambiguity blurs the borderline that delineates reality and fantasy; vision and hallucination, faith and delusion. Schizophrenic Messiah, Lerma’s newly-published fiction book, chronicles how one man struggles with a perceived mental disorder that may be the key to salvation.

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